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Give Us 5 NLRB Members
Posted On: May 22, 2013

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

As you know, CWA is intensely focused on pressuring the Senate to confirm the FULL board of five nominees to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Thanks to a recent District Court decision and Republican obstruction in the Senate, the NLRB is currently out of commission. This is terrible for workers and their families who rely on the Board to oversee and enforce a fair and just workplace.

Click the image above to sign the petition!

Remember: We must get the FULL confirmation of ALL FIVE Board nominees (3 Dems and 2 GOPs). We have to make sure Democrats in the Senate do not “compromise” with Republicans to get a vote, and only confirm four of the five nominees (2 Dems and 2 GOPs). This outcome would be just as bad as having no Board at all since every case would run into a hung jury. This must not happen.

Key Dates to Remember…

  • May 23rd- Sen. Harkin will have the committee vote to confirm the FIVE nominees. 
  • June 2nd or 3rd– Major Push to get Majority Leader Harry Reid to hold a floor vote to confirm all FIVE nominees.
    • Assuming the Republicans will filibuster, we are currently working to strategize around the full floor vote. We must get all 55 Democrats solid on supporting the FULL board of FIVE nominees. Then we can work towards picking up the additional Republican votes to put us over the 60-vote threshold.

With a little elbow grease and some fight, we CAN win this one! Make sure to give it everything you have over the next month!

Things YOU can do:

Activist Toolkit (President's letter, flyers, talking points and more!)

Visit and "Like" our Facebook page

CWAers attending the Virginia Political Leadership Boot Camp called their Senators to ask them to "Give Us Five." Have you made your calls today? 1-888-768-6167.


Sen. Bernie Sanders at the NLRB nominations hearing

Sen. Elizabeth Warren at the NLRB nominations hearing

Sen. Bob Casey's floor speech on the NLRB

House Republicans Pass the “Comp Time” Bill

House Republicans and their friends at the Chamber of Commerce are at it again with their most recent anti-worker ‘flavor-of-the-month’ legislation, the “Working Families Flexibility Act of 2013” (H.R. 1406).

This bill is not new. It’s actually the recycled piece of “Comp Time” legislation that corporate interests have been attempting pass since the 1990s. They just took an anti-worker bill and slapped a worker-friendly name on it.

The Bad News: The bill passed the House (223-204) and we lost 3 Democrats (Cuellar, Matheson, and Peterson).

The Good News: We made the vote close and picked up 8 Republicans. This should be enough to deter any moderate Dems in the Senate from picking up the bill.

[Click Here to See the Vote]

More about the bill:

The “Working Families Flexibility Act of 2013” allows managers to offer their employees “comp time” in lieu of traditional overtime pay. Under this law, a manager could ask a worker to work late one day if they accept some paid time-off at a later date. When this time off is given is subject to the employer, not the employee.

Make no mistake: This bill has nothing to do with offering “flexibility” for families and everything to do with ripping-off workers. Workers that choose to work overtime hours would no longer see overtime wages. This helps employers that only care about their bottom line.

Also, the “flexibility” implied wouldn’t be given to workers, but employers. Traditional work schedules would morph into chaos as the 9-5 workday becomes a thing of the past.

[Click Here to view the Talking Points and Summary of The Working Families Flexibility Act]



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