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  • Support Denver Mayor's $15/hour initiative
    Posted On: Jan 02, 2019

    Support Denver Mayor's $15/hour initiative

    Denver workers deserve a living wage! Tell Denver Mayor Michael Hancock you support his minimum wage initiative. 

    In mid-November, Mayor Hancock proposed increasing the minimum wage for all City of Denver workers (including contractor, vendor, and tenant employees). This raise proposal is a direct result of the Mayor meeting with city employees, including several DEN Airport workers. 

    Many airport workers are forced to rely on public assistance for their basic needs, even while they work full-time jobs. This means taxpayers — who have already invested billions in airport subsidies — are also asked to make up the difference when employers choose to pay wages and benefits that fall short. 

    Tell Mayor Hancock you support his initiative to set a minimum wage for Denver's employees to $15/hour, because anyone working full time deserves a wage that lets them make ends meet. 

    Sign the petition:


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